About myself and my Miniature Foods

My name is Sarah Maloney and I live in North London UK. I specialize in creating 12th scale miniature dollhouse accessories and Dolls house miniature foods. With the odd foray into shell collections and birds including swans, owls and peacocks.

I have always been what my mother likes to refer to as “crafty”; over the years I have dabbled in glass painting, encaustic art (painting with hot wax), silk painting, decoupage, tapestry, cross stitch, wood work and before this turns into a monotonous list, just about everything and anything creative.

My desire for a dolls house was ignited at about the age of seven by a visit to the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood. The mesmerizing display of towering Victorian dolls houses fitted with sumptuous plush stair carpets and detailed rooms of exquisite furniture and accessories had me hypnotized. From that moment I promised myself that one day I would own something as beautiful.

I finally purchased my grown up dolls house on the 24th October 2004; regretfully to this day it is not completed. The inside is finished but the outside still needs  some masonry and paintwork attention. It was while I was indulging my passion for all things mini that I came across miniature food.

I was working as a teaching assistant and it was the beginning of the 2005 summer break therefore I had six weeks for a new project. So arming myself with copies of “Making Miniature Food” by A Scarr and “Food Displays” by S Heaser I began my long and troubled journey (noxious gases from melting plastic while trying to bake clay and so soooo many mistakes) of learning to sculpt miniature food from polymer clay.

Making 12th scale dollhouse Tudor food evolved into making birds as a lot of Tudor dishes feature peacocks and swans. The owls and fossils came about as they are things that I study in full scale; I nearly said the real world.

My work is inspired by the seasons and holidays as well as from nature. I also love looking in Patisserie windows at the wonderful array of delicate cakes and then trying to recreate the wonder.

I have been making 12th scale dollhouse miniature foods for five years but in October 2009 I was finally able to give up my day job and devote myself to full time miniature dolls house accessories and miniature foods. Currently my items range from $7.00 for a jar of conserve to $90 for a full table of 12th scale miniature food. I am a member of CDHM (Custom Dolls House Miniatures) and A.I.M (Artisans in Miniature) two fantastic miniature sites that both produce a monthly Dollhouse Miniature Magazine on-line. My work regularly features in both.

Originally I started making dollhouse miniature food using Fimo Classic but then the manufacturers changed the formula making it too soft so, I switched to Premo Sculpey. However there were still the odd colours made by Fimo that I could not get in any other brand of clay. I also work with Premo Sculpey, Studio Sculpey, and Kato clays. Each clay has its own unique qualities. I prefer Kato clay for its rigidness as its idea for cane work. However it is not very malleable so I use other clays for other aspects of making miniature food. I use Sculpey Studio clay because I love its beautiful index of colours and soft texture. But being so soft it is not ideal for detailed work. So I would use Sculpey Studio clay for making cupcakes but not for the delicate flowers or fruits I might sculpt to decorate them.

Recently I have branched into jewellery, producing 12th scale miniature food cufflinks and earrings. My future projects will include brooches and rings. My next step will be to do Dolls House Miniature Shows here in the UK.

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