Bubble Wrap Saves the Day

Today my school had the official opening for its Children's Centre, David Lammy our MP attended followed by other dignitories. It was all going well until the heavens opened and drenched us with a deluge of water. While assisting on the junk instrument stall I spotted a great sheet of bubble wrap so, I quickly cut a hole for my head put it on and used abit of tape for the sides. Hey presto I had a fabulous water proof tunic. Yes I admit the so called dignitories kept their distance and a few of my colleagues had a good laugh but, I was home and dry.

After the unpleasantness of reality I returned to the comfort of my 12th scale haven and treated myself to a slice of my Fruits of the Forest Charlotte Cake and can you believe it, its zero calories lol! Which I made last weekend.
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