Scared Witless

I have just returned from York a Historic city with relics from the Roman, Viking and Medieval times. I had a fantabulous time I screamed so much in The York Dungeon attraction I thought I would wet myself.

Today I find myself sitting at home nursing an annoying rather than too painful toothache although, after I finish this post I will rummage in the my dilapidated old shoe box for a pain killer.

On a brighter note I have been busy getting ready for my favourite seasons Halloween and Christmas. I had one disaster with the mincement all the currants sunk to the bottom of the jars so, I had to do the batch again. My problem is I never write down the recipes and then a year later cannot remember the correct consistency. I have not got anything ready to photograph yet but, I did have time to put this dainty little piece together.

2 thoughts on “Scared Witless”

  • The Carolina Quilter

    Hope the toothache is gone by now! Ouch! Your work is wonderful. When I recover financiallly from registering my children for 'free' public education I will order something from you for Joanna's house! I love the marmalade.Jody

  • Dollhouse kitchen miniatures

    Thank you for your kind comments about my work as for the tooth I will probably have to have a crown. More expense sometimes I think my purse has holes in it, LOL.

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