Pitter Patter Raindrops I'm Wet Through

Here in North London it has been raining almost solidly since 3.15pm - its now 5.30pm. I returned home soaked to the skin. My Pac-a-mac may have impressed the year 6 children at break time but, it failed miserably to keep me dry. No thats not entirely true only my legs were soaked. Where's your umbrella you may ask well, that broke the first time I used it during the holidays. As it only cost £4.99 and I didn;t keep the receipt I didn't have the nerve to take it back. God only knows what state my son will return in. He does not own a brolly and would not be seen dead in a Pac-a-mac. Like his mum it would not cross his mind to take shelter.....

These little Jack-a-Lanterns remind me of being wrapped up warm sitting by an open fire reading by candle light with a steaming cup of tea.

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