Teeth Who Needs Them?

I am so fed up with my teeth it started with toothache in August PAIN. Dentist on holiday until September PAIN. Temporary crown - fell out PAIN. Just to add insult to injury I thought I may be addicted to PAIN killers . New temporary crown PAIN. New shiny crown bl**dy thing is too high I cannot bite properly so, its another trip to the Dentist's. I just want to scream. Oh well at least there is no Pain just cannot chew my food.

Its lucky I am such an easy going person otherwise I may have pulled the offending tooth out by now although, I must admit after hearing the cost of a crown I was tempted to see if an extraction was cheaper. When I told my work colleagues the cost of a crown they all thought I meant the type a king/Queen would wear on their heads. Do I look like someone who would wear a crown?LOL......

Enough of this mad woman ranting this is what I have been working on.
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