Christmas is Over, the Turkey has Gone and I am Truly Stuffed

I hope you all had a peaceful and joyous Christmas or holiday. I am sitting here at my computer, at least one dress size bigger, contemplating how I am going to lose my extra cushioning. The weather is dull and wet so I tried to watch one of my Christmas DVDs but it wouldn't work as I don't know what I have done to the DVD player, I must have pressed every button on the remote control, I thought it best to turn the player off and pretend I have not touched it.LOL

I am feeling a triffle odd after the last of the Christmas ham today for breakfast. I should have done the cat test. I offer the ham to the cat and if she turns her nose up I know its off and if she eats it I know the rest is fine.

Well back to something I know a little about, this is what I have been up to after the excesses of Christmas
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