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  • Love is in the Air?

    I have spent so long making mini Valentine Chocolates that I am really looking forward to receiving a box of real luxury truffles on the 14th February. But then I thought my partner will not think to buy them so I had to tell him. I know it ruins the romance but it was either specifically request them or buy them myself. Even now I am not sure whether he will remember maybe I should just buy him a box and then we can share them.

    Here are more chocolates.
  • Valentine Chocolate Box

    What a couple of days I have had trying to make Victorian Valentine chocolate boxes. I had so much superglue stuck to my fingers at one point, they started to crack and become sore. ( How we suffer for our art LOL). I decided to make two types: one that opens to reveal chocolates and the other just for display, it does not open or contain chocolates.
  • Chocolates, Champage and Cakes

    Yesterday I dropped my little drawer of 1/12th scale chocolates. I was down on my hands and knees trying to rescue them from between the floorboards. With the extra light I had a shock, I saw just how dirty my rug was. Oh well never mind. I am not sure whether I found all the chocs but I got most of them.

    Today I have been making bits and pieces for Valentine's Day. I have not photographed my chocolate boxes yet but heres what I have been upto.
  • What A Day!

    Everything I touched turned out wrong ( miniature that is). Today I managed to drop an unbaked item onto the bottom of the oven ruining it before it was even finished. The fluff monster jumped all over my items leaving a trail of mainly red dust (my new dressing gown). So all in all, creatively I have not had a good day. Oh yes I am also feeling very cross and irritable. LOL Sometimes I just have days where I should not have touched any clay for my own piece of mind.
    But on a brighter note this is what I have been up to previously.
  • Walking in a Winter Wonderland

    I have been walking in the snow at Alexandra Palace (London UK). The frozen lake and snow laden trees were simply breathe taking. I strolled along thinking myself to be in Narnia (Fantasy land from "The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe"). It was so quiet and so very still. That was yesterday when the snow was fresh. Today it has turned to ice in places and has become very slippery so, I am not enjoying it as much. It has made me think about all the people who live in colder climates and have to deal with this weather every Winter. How do you cope?

    While I have been inside I have made some Valentine items and some good old fish and chips.

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