Making Iced Ring Biscuits

These little biscuits are some of the very first dollhouse miniature foods I ever made.

These little biscuits are some of the very first dollhouse miniature foods I ever made.

  1. Remember to wash your hands - Even if they look clean you will be amazed how much dirt the clay, especially the light colours will pick up.
  2. Wipe (with a fresh wipe) all your equipment before you start and then as you work with lighter clays.
  3. Check what temperature to bake your clay at  and for how long - different clays have different baking temperatures.
  4. Bake items on a paper plate if a shiny underside is not desirable.
  5. if fingerprints in your work is a problem try dusting your finger tips with a light dusting of cornflour.
  6. Be careful that sculpel is sharp.
  7. Oven gloves when baking the clay


  • White, Pink, Ochre and Translucent fimo
  • Tile
  • 3/8inch circle clay cutter
  • Clay roller Clay craft knife
  • Cocktail stick
  • Ball ended tool
  • Soft bristled paint brush
  • Gloss polymer clay varnish

  1. Making the icing
  2. Roll out a 2cm ball of white fimo on the tile
  3. Make a 2cm ball of pink fimo and flatten into circle as shown

  1. Using craft knife cut the pink fimo diagonally

  1. Cut the white fimo into rectangles and place between the pink as shown
  2. Make sure the fimo has bonded by firmly easing it together

  1. Elongate the pink and white cane by gently easing the fimo together and then rolling it with your fingers to form the cane.
  2. Put the cane aside and prepare the biscuit bases

  1. Mix 3 parts translucent to 1 part white fimo and add a slice of ochre to make the pastry coloured fimo

  1. Roll out the pastry coloured fimo and use the 3/8 inch circle cutter to cut out the biscuit bases

  1. Take the cane and gently drag the point of a cocktail stick across the cane face to distort the white lines, first one way and then in the opposite direction

  1. Next using the craft knife cut a thin slice from the scored cane, place this slice onto the biscuit base and smooth out the score lines with your finger by flattening, then re-cut using the 3/8 inch circle cutter, remove the excess clay and make the hole in the biscuit using our ball end tool.
  2. Bake your clay as instructed I bake my fimo a mixture of soft and classic for 10 minutes at 130 degree centigrade

  1. Lastly leave to cool and then paint them with a coat of gloss varnish for fimo

  1. Now repeat the process by making different coloured canes to make all the biscuits featured
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