Now Even Blogger Will Not Work

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What a last couple of days I have had first I cut my thumb with a cutting blade (I suppose the clue is in the name) and then the internet goes down. Well not only the internet, the phone and the television. I felt completely lost. So I carried on "Keep Calm and Carry On". Making minis was almost impossible with a great big plaster on my thumb - right on the tip. I had to bathe and wash up with an awful rubber glove on. Note that neither my lazy son or partner volunteered to do the dishes. It was completely my fault "Never cut towards you when using a blade" guess what I did. Good news after two days no more plaster, but still sore. Now when I use the blade I am a little more careful LOL.
Thank goodness the internet was only down for about two hours, so I was able to upload some of the items I had been working on and here they are.

Cannot upload pictures this is about the fifth time I have tried to load the above pictures I hope it works this time.

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