Making Winter Candles

  • Making Winter Candles
  • Equipment
  • Translucent, white and blue polymer clay
  • White tile
  • Ball ended tool
  • Black cotton thread
  • Needle or pin
  • Safety blade
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Toothpick
  • Superglue


  1. Blend a 15mm ball of translucent clay with a 15mm ball of white clay and then add a 5mm ball of clay. Keep conditioning until you get an even colour.picture 1
  2. Roll your clay in to a 5mm diameter sausage.picture 2
  3. Then cut sausage into 10mm and 15mm lengths and shape these into candle shapes by rounding edges.
    picture 3
  4. Using the ball ended tool hollow out one end of each candle so that the ridge protrudes out over the candles.
    Picture 4
  5. Make a hole in the centre of each candle; this is where the wick will be attached later. Bake your clay at the recommended temperature for 10 minutes.
    Picture 5
  6. While the candles are baking. Mix a little of the left over clay with a drop of liquid clay using a spatula.
    Picture 6
  7. Keep blending until the liquid clay mixture is smooth. Take the half baked candles out of the oven and allow cooling.
    Picture 7
  8. Then using the toothpick apply the liquid mixture to the rim of the candle and use the pin to drag the mixture down the candle to resemble molten wax. Now bake the candles at the recommended temperature and time for your liquid clay.
    picture 8
  9. Once the candles have cooled cut some lengths of black cotton thread.
    Picture 9
  10. Using tweezers dip one end of the cotton in a drop of superglue and then carefully place cotton wick into the hole at the centre of each candle.
    picture 10
  11. There you are finished. I dusted mine with pearl dust and displayed them on a pewter plate.
    Picture 11
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