Preparing the Christmas Cake

I will be making a 12th scale preparing the Christmas cake scene. I will show you how to make: a cooked Christmas cake topped with a layer of Marzipan; simple flour splattered marble board for rolling out the marzipan; a bowl of icing and how to create a mixing bowl of cake mixture. Afterwards I will suggest some ideas on how to display your handmade treasures with shop bought items for that perfect preparation table. I have displayed my “Preparing the Christmas cake” on a pink and white distressed table topped with pink gingham paper.


  • Tooth picks
  • Circle cutter 33mm in diameter
  • Circle cutter 23mm in diameter
  • Spatula
  • White tile
  • Oven thermometer
  • Nutmeg grater
  • Holly shaped punch
  • Safety blade



  • Polymer clay translucent, burnt umber (dark brown), yellow, white, ochre, caramel, marble effect and Buttercream
  • Liquid polymer clay
  • Accent beads black
  • Acrylic paint white and yellow
  • Dark green card
  • Red metallic accent beads
  • Miniature mixing bowl and wooden spoon
  • Icing bowl
  • Miniature knife
  • Miniature rolling pin
  • Table of your choice


Tips and Hints

  1. Wash your hands and wipe equipment when changing the colour of the clay you are working with.
  2. For blending polymer clay with liquid polymer clay I use a soft clay like Sculpey studio clay as it makes the blending easier.
  3. Store any leftover liquid polymer clay and polymer clay mixture in a little glass jar ready for next time.
  4. Have a large supply of toothpicks available they are invaluable.
  5. A little cornstarch on the inside of cutters stops them sticking to the clay.



  1. First bake a cube of ochre, caramel and buttercream polymer clay at the recommended temperature for 20 minutes. Once cool grate a small amount of each cube using the nutmeg grater. The gratings will be used to add texture to the Christmas cake. picture 1
  2. Make a 15mm ball of burnt umber polymer clay and a 20mm ball of translucent clay and blend together. picture 2
  3. Mix with the grated polymer clay and some black accent beads (sultanas)  picture 3
  4. Flatten the clay mixture to a depth of 8mm and using the 23mm circle cutter cut out the cake. (Dust the cutter with cornstarch to stop it sticking to the clay) Put the cake aside.  picture 4
  5. Add some liquid polymer clay to the left over clay from step 4. Using a stiff spatula blend the clay and liquid clay together until the mixture is thick and tacky.  picture 5picture 5a
  6. Using a toothpick smear a small amount of the thick, tacky mixture around the miniature mixing bowl and wooden spoon. Place small amounts of the mixture on the tile. These will be used as spilt mixture later on.   picture 6 picture 6a
  7. To make the marzipan take a 10mm ball of translucent clay, an 8mm ball of white clay and a 5mm ball of yellow clay and blend together.  picture 7
  8. Roll out the marzipan colour clay until it is about 0.5mm thick then using the 23mm cutter cut out a circle. Using the safety blade place this onto of the Christmas cake from picture 4. From the marzipan scraps fold a little piece so that is looks like left over marzipan.   picture 8picture 8a
  9. To make the white icing blend a 10mm ball of white polymer clay with liquid polymer clay using the spatula until you have a smooth paste.  picture 9
  10. Using a toothpick place some of the paste into the icing bowl and also smear some onto the miniature knife.  picture 10
  11. Punch out the holly shape using the punch then mix some white acrylic paint with a dot of yellow. Using a toothpick paint the outer leaves yellowy white. When dry score the leaves and fold upwards to resemble real leaves.  picture 11
  12. To make the marble board take a 20mm ball of marble effect polymer clay and roll it out to a thickness of 2mm and using the 33mm circle cutter cut out a circle. Bake all of the items at the recommended temperature and for the recommended amount of time.  picture 12
  13. Once the marble board has cooled down using a sponge dab a little amount of white acrylic paint on it and the miniature rolling pin to resemble flour. Finally apply a thin coat of varnish to the Christmas cake, all icing and cake mixture. Allow to dry.  picture 13
  14. Now you are ready to arrange your completed items as you please. picture 14 picture 14a picture 14b

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