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  • What a Week!

    My pasta machine has just ground to a halt. After I tried to fix it, remember the knocking noise well it was back. So I dismantled it and oiled it and after an hour of trapping my fingers, fiddling with tiny nuts and the odd expletive it was back together again. This time it would no longer turn. I have just ordered one from Ebay. But being me I didn't check the postage details. Apparently they guarantee shipping within 10 working days doh!

    Then to add to my woes my little cat has a skin infection and I have to bathe her paw twice a day and apply cream. Lets just say shes not keen. Although after the 3rd time I think she has resigned herself to the precedure. She doesn't growl and hiss so much now.

    On a more positive note I finally finished my Alice in Wonderland themed cakes and here they are.

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