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  • What a Carry On!

    As much as I love the warm weather, together with the pollution here in London the hot weather has worsened my asthma. So I had to change my medication. A a result for the last 2 weeks I have been too shaky to create much dollhouse miniature food as like a fool I was taking double the amount of my new asthma medication that I should have been taking. I read the instructions once for my new inhaler, misinterprepted them and then promptly threw them away. It was only when the inhaler ran out that I realized my mistake. It should have lasted me a month not 15 days. Well I can tell you I felt like a real idiot and slightly embarrassed about asking for a repeat prescription so soon. Luckily everything is fine now and I can get back to mini making although I am easily distracted by a good book and all that sunshine.

  • Easily Distracted

    I should be working on my miniature creations but, my big fat cat is snoring on the couch and I just could not resist wrapping her in my scarf and hat. As you can see she was not amused. Not only did I wake her but then sat and laughed. Well as I said I am easily distracted. Funnily enough the cat has departed, I can't imagine why!

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