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    I got back from a wonderful holiday in Crete recently, where we visited archeological sites, snorkeled, ate dinner on the seafront and relaxed in the sun's soporific rays.

    Now back to the harsh reality of aUK summer, rain, wind and the heating on in June! Since I have been back I have been very busy in my mini making room. Here are some of the items.

  • Season of Sniffles and Snuffles

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    So far this month I have had two colds which I have had to fight with steaming hot mugs of lemon, garlic, ginger and honey. Oh yes and of course aspirin and paracetamol. I hope you are all well and if not I recommend the above although the garlic will leave you a little unpopular with friends and family.
    On the up side of being confined to the house I have been able to make lots of minis without the distraction of the gym (namely the guilt for not being there).

  • Christmas is Over, the Turkey has Gone and I am Truly Stuffed

    I hope you all had a peaceful and joyous Christmas or holiday. I am sitting here at my computer, at least one dress size bigger, contemplating how I am going to lose my extra cushioning. The weather is dull and wet so I tried to watch one of my Christmas DVDs but it wouldn't work as I don't know what I have done to the DVD player, I must have pressed every button on the remote control, I thought it best to turn the player off and pretend I have not touched it.LOL

    I am feeling a triffle odd after the last of the Christmas ham today for breakfast. I should have done the cat test. I offer the ham to the cat and if she turns her nose up I know its off and if she eats it I know the rest is fine.

    Well back to something I know a little about, this is what I have been up to after the excesses of Christmas
  • Those Darn Pesky Cats

    Don't get me wrong I love cats and I don't really mind that neighbours' cats come through our magnetic cat flat ( we all seem to have bought the same cat flap) and eat our cat's food but, when they mark the kitchen with their spray or pee - enough is enough. For the last three nights I have awoken to the vile smell so, last night I locked the cat flap so the culprit could get in but not out. This morning I found a very nervous black cat in my utility room I opened the back door and he scarpered. I don't think we will be seeing him for a while. The worst case was a stray was so bold he use to wander the house and onec sprayed in our bedroom while my partner was reading on the bed.

    Now onto a fresher note here's what I have been upto: a jar of meringues, a jar of Champagne Chocolate truffles and two Charlotte cakes.

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