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  • Celebration Time

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    My new makins ultimate clay machine arrived today I ordered it at the end of August but it was on order. I am so pleased the clay comes out feeling and looking like a strip of silk. I was so fed up with my last pasta machine as the clay kept sticking to the rollers but now I'm in clay heaven.

    While I was in Hong Kong I had a chest infection. I do not know whether its possible to pass our virus's onto cats but my little cat has been sneezing for a couple of days and off her food. So I am being extra kind to her wrapping her up in blankets etc

    I have told myself definitely no more Halloween items now I will start on Christmas bits my next favorite time of the year. Here's a sample of what I have been upto.

    Now I'm off the play with my new clay machine.

  • Obviously Had Too Much Time On My Hands

    My pasta machine has been making a funny noise now for awhile but, otherwise working OK. So the other day I decided to take it apart and "fix" it. Well after about an hour and a few expletives later it was back together. Well not completely I couldn't work out where two pieces went. But I thought it would be OK. It was not! Another 1/2 hour of huffing and puffing and finally it was back together again. I was filthy, cross and feed up and it still made that funny noise. I seriously wish I had left well alone.
    Once it was back together I was able to continue with making the above.

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