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  • I Thought Yoga was Meant To Be Easy

    I started doing Yoga classes at my local gym and now I can hardly move let alone sculpt. I thought yeah I'll try this it looks easy and theres not much running about. How wrong could I be?

    First some of the poses were so difficult to get into and maintain I did't think I would be able to get out of the them, secondly my body isn't as supple as it was 20 years ago (but of course I had no ideal) and thirdly I was so exhausted afterwards it was all I could do to walk home. Ah yeah, I was only doing Everyday Yoga "a class especially good for those experiencing Yoga for the first time".All that said I am enjoying the torment and will be attending weekly classes LOL.
    Before the pain set in I was able to put together the above.
  • Back To The Grindstone

    With Valentine's Day well and truly over it is time to get started on my St Patrick's Day creations. Myself and the Leprechauns have been very busy. Heres just a taster of what we have been upto. Its not easy working with the little people firstly, they are convinced I want to steal their gold and secondly they keep disappearing.
  • Chocolates, Champage and Cakes

    Yesterday I dropped my little drawer of 1/12th scale chocolates. I was down on my hands and knees trying to rescue them from between the floorboards. With the extra light I had a shock, I saw just how dirty my rug was. Oh well never mind. I am not sure whether I found all the chocs but I got most of them.

    Today I have been making bits and pieces for Valentine's Day. I have not photographed my chocolate boxes yet but heres what I have been upto.

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